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Boogie Ecstasy is an ecstatic red nose disco inferno by two clowns.

- Starring Cabaret wow-star Kim Smiley

(direct from Las Vegas).

-Supported by Amandamiranda

(direct from the Snack).

This enchanting duo, have been travelling the circuit, up and down the road together forever.


The dance moves are 'out of this world'.
They spin, they groove with a Saturday night soul. The audience gasp, 'may this disco-grove forever last!'

Kim Smiley smiles 'I always take my fans over the moon'. Boogie Ecstasy brings discoteque glitter to a world that's sadly bitter.


Bringing boogie woogie, slinky movies from the middle to the end.


'The effort to create this piece was enormous, I've therefore kept the same moves for 20 years.' Kim Smiley.


Boogie Ecstasy is a red nose clown show suitable for cabaret, or small bite size performances from ages 14+.


Approximately 40 minutes playing time.


Played and created by:

Didier Peigle & Freya Stang


Artistic Director: Freya Stang


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graphic, web design, gif animations and music: Elisabeth Mazauric liz-graphicdesign.comphotos: © Christine Jouneau

• Dave Pickens • Elisabeth Mazauric • Freya Stang • Jenine Collocott Warren  • Joyce Majiski • Lily Fossard • Stefano Borgi

• Thierry Augereau • Hege Høisæter : © photos by  Peter Madai, Sciarrino-photo, Jörg Wiesner, Erik Berg.