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Clown workshop in French / en français HERE/ICI

Clown workshop 1

Playing the Red Nose


25|26|27 May 2018


Friday      18:00 > 21:00

Saturday 15:00 > 21:00

Sunday    10:00 > 18:30

in Sauve | Languedoc | France


Take a risk.  Leap into play with the red nose mask!  Encounter, explore  and discover yourself in a clown state and form through physicality, emotion, humour, listening and  collaboration.  Find theatrical moments and play in clown whilst enjoying the folly of being.

All levels of red nose experience and inexperience welcome.  A perfect course if you’ve already worked in clown. Also totally suitable if you’ve never tried on a red nose before.



TAUGHT BY: Freya Stang

The course is for adults 18 +



Further information:

or (+33) 06 09 41 24 30 /  (+44) 07712 190912




80 € - Concessions: 60 €

Early booking & payment by 17 May 2018:

65 € - Concessions: 40 €

Clown workshop 2

The Voice and the World
of the Red Nose Clown


2nd|3rd June 2018


Saturday 10:30 > 17:30

Sunday    10:30 > 17:30

in Sauve | Languedoc | France


Delve deeper into playing the red nose.

Through experimentation and adjustment, commit
to what you find and play your clown.

We will work with tempo and rhythm, the voice of the clown and relationships between clowns.

Through rigorous play and jumping with both feet into the work, each individual will journey further into the wonder of the red nose clown.

This course is suitable for those who already have some experience of working with red nose clown and is a good follow on course from ‘Playing the Red Nose’.



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