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The Clown’s Life

Building on the foundation of that you have already encountered your clown and s/he has a physical form, voice and emotional range, we continue the longer journey over a series of courses by focusing in on the clown in everyday life and then in different phases of life. These courses will help you to write short performance pieces.


Clown to Performance

These are longer courses, which lead to performance.


Health Care Clowning

From Introductory courses to developing and supporting your health care clowning skills.



Clown courses start from beginner level to developing the clowns identity and life. Training can be directed towards theatrical performance or towards medical clowning. Play, physicality, voice, emotions, character, listening skills, improvisation and writing for clowns together or the individual clown story. These clown courses, are taught by Freya Stang, unless otherwise indicated.


From Neutral Mask to Red Nose Clown

Challenge yourself and discover the current state of
your clown through the use of the neutral mask.

Play with the red nose's physicality, breath, sound
and presence.

Delight in channelling emotions through playing the
red nose.

Discover yours and others inherent stupidity.

Celebrate your own personal poetic folly!

Suitable for those new to wearing a red nose, beginners  and those with clowning  experience who wish to voyage again into the unknown.


The Clown’s World

We will meet your clown and tune into his / her physical form and emotions before delving deeper into who your clown is.  We start to enter into his / her personal world and how s/he reacts to the surrounding environment.

Suitable for those with some clowning experience.


The Clown’s Voice

We will work with the sounds and resonance of the clown, the song of the voice, then when the voice expresses words what does the clown say or sing?  This one course will help create form and material for the clown to work on his or her own or with others.

Suitable for those with some clowning experience.

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