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Text: Jean Cocteau

Music: Francis Poulenc


Opera singer: Olivera Tičević

Actor: Freya Stang

Pianist: Jelena Golubovik

Director: Jose Maria Lopez


Artistic Director: Freya Stang


Photos: © Rolf Aleksejunas Øvrum Christensen

Hello, Are you there? La Voix Humaine A raw and intimate opera – bringing you beyond the end of a love story. The surrealist writer Jean Cocteau reveals in his text a story of the constant dialogue within, which continues, even when we’re on our own. Hello, Are you there? tells a story of; n Loneliness and deep human connections. n Impulse versus choice. n Feelings, which cannot be ignored. n Voices that re-appear. n Innocence and experience. n Feminine and male sides within. A young woman ’Elle’ arrives at a secure mental unit, where she is cared for by an older nurse. ’Elle’ has experienced a deep emotional trauma, which she repeatedly re-experiences. A nurse witnesses the young woman’s emotional journey - and relates through her own void of loneliness of unlived dreams. A suitcase opened brings an invitation for life. When there is a beginning, there will be an end. When will the end of a relationship actually reach the end? This question flows as an undercurrent throughout the text written by Cocteau. Hello? Are you there? is an adaptation of the opera La Voix Humaine, which brings the deep beauty of Francis Poulenc’s music and Jean Cocteau’s emotionally naked text together into parallel worlds of different spaces and realities. This production is sung in English. Translation: Jelena Golubovik & Freya Stang Simsalabim Production produce 2 distinctly different productions in which the story of ‘La Voix Humaine is told’.

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graphic, web design, gif animations and music: Elisabeth Mazauric liz-graphicdesign.comphotos: © Christine Jouneau

• Dave Pickens • Elisabeth Mazauric • Freya Stang • Jenine Collocott Warren  • Joyce Majiski • Lily Fossard • Stefano Borgi

• Thierry Augereau • Hege Høisæter : © photos by  Peter Madai, Sciarrino-photo, Jörg Wiesner, Erik Berg.