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Pierre and the Moon in French / en français HERE/ICI

Little Pierre lives with his Grandmother, who has a very special storybook.
Pierre loves looking at the pictures and listening to the tales. He hears about a world where animals are friends and the moon waves to children. One evening, while Pierre’s grandmother is telling him a story, she falls asleep.  Pierre magically ventures into the story - on his very own.


Pierre and the Moon is a poetic puppet and mask theatre piece.
It is suitable for a family audience, and is specifically created for children aged 3 - 7 .
As there is no real speech,
the piece is suitable for speakers of any language.

Playing time approx. 45 minutes. 

Original story concept: Freya Stang


Played by:

Christine Jouneau & Freya Stang

Masks & human puppets : Freya Stang

Animal puppets: Hélene Havard

Sound design & lights: Didier Peigle

Theatrical props: Elisabeth Mazauric,

Christine & Jean Marc Jouneau




Upload the flyer HERE

Technical requirements

•  Playing space: Indoor 
•  Room with Black Out

•  Maximum audience number 80 with graded seating, if possible.

(We prefer to play for

 a smaller audience,

so that everyone can
see well and enjoy

the story)

Upload the program HERE

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graphic, web design, gif animations and music: Elisabeth Mazauric liz-graphicdesign.comphotos: © Christine Jouneau

• Dave Pickens • Elisabeth Mazauric • Freya Stang • Jenine Collocott Warren  • Joyce Majiski • Lily Fossard • Stefano Borgi

• Thierry Augereau • Hege Høisæter : © photos by  Peter Madai, Sciarrino-photo, Jörg Wiesner, Erik Berg.