Tea time in Paris in French / en français HERE/ICI

A very ordinary gardening day
Monsieur Lapin, becomes a very different day for Monsieur Lapin,
Margareth arrives
unexpectedly from England with tea.

A story about gardening, holidays, different languages, dictionaries,
the Eiffel Tower, a flower,
togetherness, just being someone
and what to do when the unexpected happens...!

This is a poetic theatre clown
performance created for family
audiences and particularly for
children aged 6+


Approximately 40 minutes playing time.

Upload the poster HERE

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graphic, web design, gif animations and music: Elisabeth Mazauric liz-graphicdesign.comphotos: © Christine Jouneau

• Dave Pickens • Elisabeth Mazauric • Freya Stang • Jenine Collocott Warren  • Joyce Majiski • Lily Fossard • Stefano Borgi

• Thierry Augereau • Hege Høisæter : © photos by  Peter Madai, Sciarrino-photo, Jörg Wiesner, Erik Berg.